About Us

Privy Playground was founded to help with the lack of classy adult toy and novelty sites. The adult toy industry has been very taboo for quite some time.

As times progress and sexual health and wellness has become a more open topic, people are starting to explore their sexuality more with pleasure devices. 

Privy Playground was founded by Kim Koehler, the original founder and CEO of Privy Peach, a CBD brand focused on sexual health and wellness. 

"I grew up very traditional and talk of adult toys, sex, or self pleasure was a completely forbidden topic. After founding Privy Peach, I found a new appreciation for all aspects of sexual health and wellness, including self love. Also, after discovering many people have been isolated in their homes during the pandemic, many people starting turing to sex toys for the first time. I had many girlfriends ask me what types of toys I would recommend. I even saw two of my friends get their first vibrators at a naughty santa party I threw with my best friend. The excitement of breaking the stigma was real. 

I had my aha moment after someone from my gym asked me for my advice on buying their first toy. While searching for toys online I was very put off by many of the sites I found, constant pop-ups for pornographic, very trashy toys, dolls and other things that made a good Christian girl like me cringe. 

I am no engineer, but I do know my way around adult products. I decided I wanted to launch a safe, discreet site that focused on the best, classiest and most trusted brands in the industry. That is when the idea for Privy Playground was born. I hope you all find what you are looking for and make pleasure your priority."-Kim